Deanship of Research And Doctoral Studies
عمادة الدراسات وبحوث الدكتوراه
Prof Nabil Baydoun
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N &D06s& Baydoun ~3#$A~ hbmsu &D06s& ac &D06s& ae


Accounting for Managers
Financial Strategy
Management Accounting
Financial Statement Analysis
Business Finance



Professional experience

  • Internationally recognized authority on the impact of culture and religion on accounting systems.  
  • Held senior academic positions and staffed key board committees at various institutions in Australia, Honk Kong, New Zealand, and the UAE.    
  • Specializes in helping organizations sustain a balance between mission fulfillment and an effective, financially sound operation.
  • Formulated and implemented strategies for long term profitability and stability
  • Internationally experienced in financial management, accounting, startups, restructuring, and strategic planning.
  • Supportive of enhanced scholarship and research

Recent publications

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