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Dr. Mohammed Ghadi
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Associate Professor | Program Chair
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Work engagement
Meaning in work
Negative emotions in work
Job crafting
Transformational leadership and Happiness at work


PhD of Business Administration, HR, University of Wollongong, Australia
Master of Business Administration (MBA), Mutah University, Jordan

Professional experience

Dr. Mohammed Yasin Ghadi is an Associate Professor in the School of Business and Quality Management at Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University. Prior to his appointment, Dr. Ghadi worked for more than six years at Mutah University in Jordan and as a Chairman of Department of Business at Mutah University. He also taught some Management courses at the University of Wollongong in Australia.

Dr. Ghadi’s teaching experience includes Human Resource Management, Staffing, Compensation Management, Strategic Human Resource Management, Training & Development, and Organizational Behaviour.

Dr. Ghadi’s research interests include Happiness in work, meaning in work, work engagement, loneliness in work, transformational leadership, turnover intention, workplace envy, job crafting, work spirituality, strategic human resources management

Recent publications

  • Ghadi, M. Psychological Capital and Leadership Member Exchange Mediate the Association between Empowering Leadership and Happiness in work: An individual level analysis (Targeting – Eurasian Business Review)
  • Ghadi, M. Work Engagement in Jordan: A Factorial Validation Study of UWES Scale (Targeting – Evidence-based HRM: a global forum for empirical scholarship).
  • Ghadi, M. (2018). Empirical Examination of Theoretical Model of Workplace Envy: Evidences from Jordan. Management Research Review. vol. (41), no (12), pp. (1438-1459). ABDC (C) + Thompson (Clarivate analytics) + SCOPUS
  • Ghadi, M. (2018). A Psychometric Evaluation of the Job Crafting Questionnaire (JCRQ) In A Jordanian Sample. International Journal of Organizational Analysis. vol. (27), no (1), pp. (x-x). ABDC (B) + Thompson (Clarivate analytics) + SCOPUS
  • Al-Qatawenh A, Tarawneh N, & Ghadi, M. (2017). The interactional effects of intellectual capital and knowledge management on applying total quality management (TQM): a field study on commercial and Islamic banks working in Southern Governorates. Mu’tah lil-buhuth wad-dirasat. vol. (x), no (x), pp. (x-x).
  • Alamro, M., Ghadi, M., Al-Qatawenh & A., Farooq, A. (2017). Perceptions of Managers’ Appraisal Process and their relation to employees’ performance in a non-Western Culture: evidence from Jordan. International Review of Management and Marketing. vol. (7), no (3), pp. (1-11). (SCOPUS 2015-2017)
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