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Dr. Sanjai Kumar Parahoo
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Associate Professor | Program Chair
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Service management in Business and online learning, service innovation.


PhD in Services Management (University of Mauritius / FACIREM, La Réunion)
Master’s in Business Administration (Mauritius)
Various professional development courses in Innovation Management end IPR
Grad Cert in Business (Curtin)
Registered professional Engineer
Bachelor of Technology (IIT Delhi)

Professional experience

Sanjai has taught Services Management and Innovation courses at Bachelor/ Masters level for the past 20 years, building on his intensive experience in managing contract research projects in over 12 African countries. Sanjai also had the privilege to be a coordinator of the ADEA working group of DEOL, from 2007-09, being involved in planning Educational projects linked to the African Union second decade of Education for Africa Action Plan.

Recent publications

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  • Singh, A. S., Shree, S., & Parahoo, S. K. (2018). Does Instructor's Use of Self-Authored Cases vs. Other Cases in Teaching Lead to More Effective Learning? Instructor's Use of Self-Authored Cases vs. Other Cases. International Journal of Marketing and Sales Education (IJMSE), 1(1), 49-63.
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