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Professor Syed Aziz Anwar
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International Business
Service Marketing
Service Quality Innovation


Ph.D. ( University of Delhi)

Professional experience

Prof. Syed has designed and taught post-graduate  courses at Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University, UAE; University of Sharjah, UAE; University of Delhi; India, University of Otago, New Zealand; University of Brunei Darussalam, Brunei; International Islamic University, Malaysia; University of Lagos, Nigeria; Arab Open University, Kuwait, and Aalen University of Applied Sciences, Germany. He is currently supervising 3 Ph.D. dissertations at HBMSU. He has conducted training programs for developing country diplomats for United Nations’ ITC, Geneva; Toyota Brunei; HSBC Brunei; Singapore seaport and Abu Dhabi Retirement and Pensions Fund, UAE. He has considerable experience of academic program accreditation.

He has guest-edited several international journals. 

Recent publications

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