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Dr. Moetaz El Sergany
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Associate Professor | Program Chair
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Environmental Management
Environmental Health
Waste management
Waste treatment
Design and operation of Waste management facilities
Environmental Impact Analysis


Doctor of Public Health Sciences, Environmental Chemistry, High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University
Master of Public Health Sciences, Environmental Chemistry, High Institute of Public Health, Alexandria University
B.Sc. Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Alexandria University

Professional experience

Dr. Moetaz ElSergany is an Associate Professor at the School of Health and Environmental Studies at HBMSU. He has over 20 years of technical and teaching experience in the Field of environmental studies. He taught and developed many environmental health courses (water and wastewater analysis, environmental legislation, water sanitation, integrated solid waste management, environmental aspects of pesticides, environmental impact assessment, industrial waste management, and hazardous waste management). Dr. ElSergany participated in many environmental studies in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. He worked in a number of Middle East Universities. He worked as program coordinator and participated in establishing the new Environmental Health Program in Dammam University, Saudi Arabia. He was appointed as Assistant Professor, Environmental Health Department, University of Sharjah, and UAE. He has participated in installation, calibration and training in many environmental health laboratories in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and UAE. Dr. ElSergany supervised many Master and PhD theses.

Recent publications

  • El-Sergany, M.M. and El-Sharkawy, M.F., 2011. Heavy metal contamination of airborne dust in the environment of two main cities in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Journal of King Abdulaziz University, 22(1), p.135.
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