School of Health & Environmental Studies
Professor Awoniyi Awofeso
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Professor | Program Chair
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Public Health Projects Management
Public Health Surveillance
Health Sociology
Health Care Ethics
Correctional Health Care
Hospital and Public Health Administration
Research in Open and Distance Learning


PhD: 2003
MPH; 1995
MBA (1992)
MBChB (1987)
BSc. Health Science (1984)

Professional experience

Prof. AwoNiyi Awofeso is a Professor at the School of Health and Environmental Studies at HBMSU.  He has academic degrees in Health Science, Medicine, Business Administration, Public Health and Health Administration.   He has over 28 years of teaching and research experience at universities of Nigeria, Australia and UAE in the fields of public health Projects’ management, public health surveillance, health sociology, correctional health care, healthcare ethics, Open and Distance learning, and hospital administration.  Prof. Niyi has extensive work experience, at both middle and senior management levels. He also authored five books, three book chapters and 115 peer-reviewed academic papers published in well-regarded journals and book serials. Prof. Niyi worked closely and productively with reputable Non-Governmental Organizations such as Medecins Sans Frontieres and Netherlands Leprosy Relief as volunteer physician and project medical director, respectively. In the past five years, Prof. Awoniyi reviewed at least 60 manuscripts on behalf of leading journals such as the British Medical Journal, BMC Public Health, and Journal of Rural Health. In addition, he attended and presented at over 15 international conferences in Africa, Asia, Europe North America, UAE, Turkey and Australia since 2009.

Recent publications

  • Awofeso N, Gaber Y, Bamidele M. 2019  Determinants of Youth Engagement with Health Information on Social Media Platforms in United Arab Emirates.  Health, Vol.11 No.2.
  • Awofeso N., Imam S, Ahmed A.  2019.  ‘Content Analysis of Media Coverage of Childhood Obesity Topics in UAE Newspapers and Popular Social Media Platforms, 2014-2017’, International Journal of Health Policy and Management, 8(2), 81–89.
  • Awofeso N. (2018).  Utilizing Question and Answer Discussion Forums to Enhance Learning in University Health Courses: Q&A Online Discussion Forums for Efficient E-Learning.  In Stevenson CN (Editor), Enhancing Education Through Open Degree Programs and Prior Learning Assessment, IGI Global May 2018,  (pages 235-251), ISBN13: 9781522552550, DOI: 10.4018/978-1-5225-5255-0.
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