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Dr. Ahmed Al-Nakeeb
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Assistant Professor | Program Chair
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Quality Management
Strategic Management


Ph.D. in Quality Management from University of Glamorgan (University of South Wales) U.K. 2001
MBA from University of Glamorgan (University of South Wales) U.K. 1993
Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration from University of Wales – Cardiff U.K. 1992
Bachelor of Engineering (Civil Engineering) from University of Wales – Swansea U.K. 1991

Professional experience

  • Worked at various Universities in the U.K. and the UAE and taught various courses.
  • Held various positions, such as Campus Coordinator (Deputy Dean), Head of Department, Department Chair.
  • Led the development of various undergraduate and postgraduate programs and developed curricula.
  • Participated in various international conferences and published in well-known international journals. Developed research interests in HRM and Marketing.
  • A member on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Islamic Marketing, published by Emerald. He was granted the 2011 Outstanding Reviewer Award for his work on the Journal of Islamic Marketing

Recent publications

  • Alserhan, B. A., Forstenlechner, Ingo , and Al-Nakeeb, Ahmed. (2010), Attitudes towards diversity in a non-western environment: nationalization as an antithesis. Employee Relations, Vol. 32, Issue 1, 2010. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
  • Al-Nakeeb, Ahmed, (2010), Place Marketing – Where Does the Islamic World Stand? Journal of Islamic Marketing, Vol. 1, Issue 1, 2010. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.
  • Book Chapter - Sabry K, Al-Nakeeb A and Al-Rawi K. (2011), Mobile Technology and the Gulf Society: Perception and Attitude. In A. Abdel-Wahab A, Mobile Information Communication Technologies Adoption in Developing Countries: Effects and Implications. IGI Global Publisher.
  • Al Sada A., Al Sada H., Al Maamari M., Al-Nakeeb, A. (2013), The Implementation of CRM in Dubai Municipality in Proceedings of The 4th Global Islamic Marketing Conference –  29 – 30 May 2013 – Istanbul. (Refereed Conference).
  • Al Naqbi E.,  Al Alili F.,  Al Ghafri H., Ahli M., Al-Nakeeb A. (2014), Sustainable Quality Improvement Through Six Sigma The Successful Case of Ducab in Proceedings of the 7th Quality Conference in the Middle East, 3rd to 5th March 2014, part of the HBMeU Congress, Dubai.
  • Parahoo, S. K., Al-Nakeeb A., and Onagun, I. A. (2014),
  • Revisiting customer satisfaction models in the gulf region: case of Dubai banking. Journal of Academy of Business Research, Volume III, Number 1, 2014: (76-85).

  • Sanjai K Parahoo, Ahmed Al-Nakeeb, and Ismail Onagun (2015), We are who we are: Incorporation of individual culture in customer satisfaction models. Journal of Financial service Marketing. (2015) Vol. 20, 3, 220–230. Macmillan Publishers Ltd.
  • Al-Nakeeb, A. A. R., 2016 ‘Quality Management in the Construction Industry – Revisiting The Experience of the United Arab Emirates’. Published in the proceedings of Innovation Arabia 9 Conference. Dubai, March 2016.
  • Al-Nakeeb, A. A. R, 2018 ‘Why Do Some Employees Resist Technological Change?’ Published in the proceedings of Innovation Arabia 11 Conference. Dubai, March 2018.