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The School of e-Education answers the pressing needs of the Arab world for quality modern education that is accessible to a wider audience, going beyond the production of elites to become the hub of the knowledge economy. Unique in the region, the School helps skilled professionals and researchers to master the use of learning technologies, and all the dimensions of the e-learning content development, including implementation, delivery and assessment. Stemming from the current trend in professional development and online learning, and based on the “just-in-time” view of professional education and training in online environments, the School has structured its current portfolio so that it meets the demands of the market by providing learning opportunities that address the needs of learners in a timely, and accessible way.

The School also offers short courses and certificates that turn the combination of adult education, educational technology, leadership and management into customized courses that meet the needs of lifelong learners, providing them with opportunities to enhance and develop their skills and knowledge throughout their professional life. Explore the full list of programs offered by the School of e-Education.


School of e-Education Faculty

Professor, Dean of the School of e-Education
Associate Professor | Program Chair