COVID-19 Updates

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University is closely monitoring the ongoing novel-Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, and our top priority remains the health, safety and well-being of HBMSU community.

Here are some of the ways HBMSU is supporting our learners and the larger global communities during this difficult time.

Supporting the International Community

HBMSU joins the Global Education Coalition launched by UNESCO to respond to COVID-19 emergency

Member of COVID-19 Global Education Coalition

UNESCO has launched a Global Education Coalition to support countries in scaling up their best distance learning practices and reaching children and youth who are most at risk. The new coalition rallies the United Nations family, civil society organizations and technology partners to act together. It will harness the expertise of public and private partners to help countries implement innovative and context-sensitive solutions to provide education remotely. Recognizing the importance of the global dialogue and collaboration, HBMSU committed to contribute with its accumulative expertise and educational resources for teachers to ensure the continuity of education for all learners. HBMSU developed unique practices in the field of smart education as well as innovative IT solutions and digital pedagogies. Fulfilling its vision to lead the smart learning innovation for re-engineering the future of education aimed at the advancement of individuals, organizations and society, HBMSU is committed to share its expertise and experiences in smart learning. For this, the university provides its free e-learning resources for teachers as well as continuously organizes free webinars for different target audiences in the field of education.

HBMSU joined the global initiative of the UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education (IITE) “Combat COVID-19: Keep learning. Together we are on the move!”

The goal of the initiative is to provide teachers, students at schools and universities as well as education and technology specialists and government officials, with new technical solutions, resources for distance learning, guidance and training opportunities as well as to share the expertise and best practices. UNESCO IITE and its global partners from all over the world have developed and made available for educators, learners and their parents multiple resources for distance education to ensure continuity of learning, engagement and communication at the time of massive school closure.


If you cannot find what you need on this page, email inquiries ~3#$A~ hbmsu &D06s& ac &D06s& ae or call (+9714) 424 1111.

UAE COVID-19 Helplines

Ministry of Health & Prevention

Medical Operations Command Center

Dubai Health Authority

Top Updates

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University marks a new milestone for achieving WELL Health-Safety Rating
Strategic partnership between HBMSU and Fakeeh University Hospital to enhance training and practical experience in healthcare
HBMSU welcomes learners with a series of virtual meetings

Learner Information

With the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Learners Relationship Management department had quickly transformed all its learners’ related activities from physical into online activities. As a result, a platform has been developed and launched on Smart Campus under the title ‘My Smart Hub’ to enrich the learners online learning experience through virtual activities, competitions and interactive activities, as well as updates about new volunteer opportunities and enriching knowledge regarding health and lifestyle issues and topics

MY Smart Hub page contains the following sections:

  • e-Volunteering: provides learners with volunteering opportunities inside and outside HBMSU. LRM lists events and opportunities for learners to volunteer either with HBMSU or with other external organization. Volunteering can be in any form, such as volunteering time, knowledge or skills.
  • Virtual Activities & competitions: provide learners with virtual activities, virtual workshops, virtual meeting room and online competitions throughout the semester.
  • Health & lifestyle: this section include topics about health and life management in a form of helpful articles and videos


Starting Fall 2020, all academic programs and courses in HBMSU will be delivered using a blended delivery strategy that incorporates synchronous (live online classes) and asynchronous learning (independent learning) in a smart and innovative balanced weight. 

Each class will be equally divided into a synchronous session and an asynchronous session [50/50 model].

Learners will not be required to attend any classes on campus, and are expected to complete all classes, course activities and assessments (as detailed in the course assessment strategy) online.  Only in some courses, learners may be required to take a proctored final exam, which may take place in physical format.