Administrative Positions
Full time
The School Administrative Executive plays a major role in providing highly responsible and efficient administrative support to the Dean. She/ He acts as a liaison between various schools/departments across the university and learners on matters related to grade appeals, complaints, letters requested.
Main roles & responsibilities
  1. Maintain proper filing and documentation of all records related to the school including course syllabi, course files, exams, accreditation reports and responses, assessment reports and forms, and other documentation. 

  1. Provide secretarial support to School Councils Advisory Board, Grade Appeal Committee and School Examination committee by taking minutes of meetings, preparing agendas, disseminating necessary information pre and post meetings and following up on assigned actions. 

  1. Ensure the changes in the Course Syllabi, including program learning outcomes and course learning outcomes are accurately updated on CurrIQunet system prior to each semester. 

  1. Handle the Midterm and Final Exams logistics (pre and post the exam) by ensure the following: 

  • The exam and the grade moderation form and process are completed and approved by the School Examination Committee. 
  • Communicate with other divisions to complete the exam logistics such as classrooms reservation, assigning invigilators and updating the exam guidelines. 
  • Create Absence list and ensure absent learners provide official documents/ evidence. 
  • Handle the logistics of the re-take midterm exams and the Incomplete final exam and ensure that the exam dates and time is communicated with learners. 
  • Assist the VCAA Office during the grade moderation period. 
  1. Compose and format documents, draft letters, emails, and school internal academic calendar in compliance with university established policies and guidelines. 

  1. Assist in organizing and arranging all school events such as Faculty, Associates and Learners Orientation at the beginning of each semester (through coordinating logistics with related departments. 

  1. Provide day to day administrative support for the school’s activities and ensure compliance with the university guidelines; attend to faculty and learners’ inquiries and direct them to the right staff/ department. 

  1. Ensure proper filing and documentation of all records related to the school including course syllabi, course files, exams, accreditation reports and responses, assessment reports, and other documentation. 

  1. Handle the Practicum and Internship process by helping learners to find necessary placement and internship opportunities, assist them in completing the academic internship registration form, work closely with the internship supervisors to ensure that learners meet the requirements for registering in the internship and practicum course, validate selected organizations, prepare the reports, and update the organization database. 

  1. Adhere to internal and local information security and relevant health and safety laws, regulations, policies, and procedures. 

Required qualification & skills

Professional Experience:

  • Minimum 2 years work experience that is directly related to job duties. 
  • Education and Academic Qualifications 
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited University 

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Excellent ability to prioritize work tasks. 

  • Flexible and self-motivated. 

  • Excellent customer care and listening skills. 

  • Be compassionate and emotionally intelligent. 

  • The willingness to help other people. 

  • Reasonable ability to gather and analyze statistical data and generate reports. 

  • Organizing and time management skills. 

  • Ability to work under pressure. 

  • Ability to work in diverse culture. 

  • Proficiency in PC skills. 

  • Excellent communication skills in both Arabic and English languages.