Administrative Positions
Full time
The Senior Receivable Accountant shall operate the daily operations that shall monitor the amount due for services performed or products sold on credit or cash. He / she must assure timely and accurate accounting of all sales functions across the university, responsible to collect past due accounts, monitor the age of each debtor account, while ensuring the compliance with all approved policies and procedure, local and federal applicable laws.
Main roles & responsibilities
  1. Prepare periodical receivable reports such as collection report, revenue report, postdated CHQs report, bad debts report, debtors ageing report etc.
  2. Provide internal and external financial auditors accurate financial requirements and data on timely manner.
  3. Handle all daily revenue related operations for corporate customers, maintain credit limits, inspect receivable documents through an extensive review of all supporting documentation, including (but not limited to) contractual agreements / PO, payment terms, advance payments, invoices, approved prices, approvals, etc.
  4. Operate all accounting and reconciliation treatments for learner’s financial transactions and accounts, run system activities such as scholarships, financial aid, start / end of semester, financial holds,    respond learner’s enquiries instantly through all approved communication channels, and coordinate with all internal and external stakeholder to ensure incorporated, comprehensive and efficient responses.
  5. Reconcile smart payment channels activities on daily, monthly and yearly basis, recognize payment disputes and resolve related financial complaints in coordination with payment channels representatives.
  6. Assure proper general ledger accounting distribution for all accounts receivable transactions according to the nature and organizational structure, such as (but not limited to) sales, revenue, advances payments, insurance, grants etc., and deposit electronically and physically collected cash, postdated and current dated cheques.
  7. Process all end of period closure activities related to accounts receivable via detailed technical activates and reconciliations across all platforms and systems.
  8. Run professional commination, cooperation and coordination with all internal and external stakeholders, work closely with registration, admission, sales units and inventory representative to facilitate smooth process of all revenue related enquiries and services.
  9. Execute accurate and instant VAT (Value Added Tax) accounting and functional treatments through all receivable accounts transactions, as per Federal Tax Authority (FTA) laws and regulations.
Required qualification & skills
  • Minimum 3 years of relevant experience in receivable accounting field.
  • Bachelor Degree in Accounting Science, from an accredited University.
  • ACCA / CPA certificate holder or equivalent will be preferable.
  • Tangible knowledge in international financial and reporting standards (IFRS), and catchup instantly with all updates on local laws, federal laws and financial standards.
  • Handling sensitive and confidential information/ data through high degree of integrity and commitment.
  • Able to determine any potential or existing financial risk / loss, and report instantly to higher superiors.
  • Ability to work independently in high volume environment that requires efficient productivity, and to manage multiple priorities and deliver assignment on time.
  • Team player, self-motivated, flexible and vision oriented.
  • Strong written and verbal communication, presentation, and negotiation skills.
  • Willing to work under pressure, and ability to exhibit poise, composure and confidence when confronting stressful or high-pressure situation, and capable of attending extra duties as instructed.
  • Well-developed analytic and problem solving skills, on spot situation analyzer.
  • Expertise in computerized accounting financial software applications, ERP, Banner, Electronic payment channels, other online systems, and proficiency in MS office applications, communication software / apps. etc.
  • Excellent communication skills.