Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University is committed to promote international relations and foster partnerships with institutions of higher education and professional organizations aligned with the strategic direction of the University.

International Cooperation and Corporate Communication leads agreements that involve collaborative efforts that both HBMSU and the partner institutions intend to pursue.


HBMSU leverages international credibility, recognition and affiliation and develops its relations based on the following values:

  • Collaborative

    HBMSU strives to create synergies in all affairs with partners and brings real tangible results and mutual benefits on both sides of the cooperation. HBMSU knows how to build a dialogue and develop lasting fruitful collaborations.

  • Innovative

    HBMSU is a dynamic educational enterprise that provides lifelong learning opportunities to equip learners with the 21st century skills, and continuously creating the knowledge based on the culture of quality, innovation and research.

  • Leading-edge

    HBMSU believes in strategic partnerships that lead to the real transformation of education necessary to keep up with the rapidly changing world. In order to provide a higher quality of education and service to society, HBMSU extended its commitment to the qualitative high-level partnerships and affiliations.


Forms of Partnerships:

HBMSU has an extensive network of partner institutions and accumulated experience in developing mutually beneficial cooperation in various modes and forms, such as:

  • Joint curriculum development
  • Dual degree programs
  • Conferences
  • Consulting projects
  • Joint professional development programs
  • Faculty exchanges
  • Learners exchanges
  • Hosting visiting scholars
  • Study abroad program
  • Collaborative research
  • Services and Consultations


International memberships

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University values the significance of mutually beneficial international cooperation and recognizes the importance of networking. To this aim, and in line with its mission, Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University is an active member with many reputed international organizations.

Strategic Partnership

The university has always believed in the concept of mutual beneficial partnerships and collaboration.

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University advocates for and facilitates international links, perspectives, and initiatives. The importance of partnerships is to foster international cooperation in areas such as health & environment, e-learning, quality and business management. The University today is aligned with the following renowned intuitions