Globally recognized as an Innovative University and Learning Hub with distinctive impact on the skills of Ambitious, Career Focused learners.


Enable Knowledge creation and application through disruptive innovation and transformation, and provide unique lifelong learning opportunities, intellectually stimulating learning experience and diverse community of Faculty, Staff, Learners and Alumni.

Value proposition

  • Online Academic Excellence:

    To be a distinguished provider of accredited online academic programs aligned with the new economic era.

  • Innovative Learning Methods:

    To be a pioneer in innovative, state-of-the-art digital learning methods.

  • An Enterprise Mindset:

    To be a regional partner of choice for digitally enabled learning.

  • Center of Excellence:

    To be a thought leader in the future of learning.


  • Learners:

    Attract career-focused learners looking for employability and advancement.

  • Faculty:

    Attract and develop Industry focused faculty.

  • Financial Sustainability:

    Diversify and create new sources of revenue for financial sustainability.

  • Partnerships:

    Build strong partnerships across the higher education value chain and industry