Blockchain revolution in education and lifelong learning

Blockchain is poised to disrupt the education industry, and organizations that prepare likely will lead the transformation. Today’s Internet is great for communicating and collaborating in the classroom, but it was built for moving and storing information rather than protecting student and teacher rights and preserving value of quality content. It has done little to change how we manage academic institutions, recognize and codify skills and talent, help people manage their own pathways, fund education, or help employers manage the talent pipeline.

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Smart learning has a new look with live virtual classes and independent online learning

Due to huge advances in technology, global education had been moving steadily online for years. Then Covid-19 swept across the world in early 2020 and accelerated the whole process. The UAE’s educational institutes were quick to close campuses as a precautionary measure against the pandemic. Even though distance learning was adopted en masse out of this necessity, online learning will continue to be a big part of the education system even after the world finds a cure for the coronavirus.