5 Project Management Fundamentals and Its Importance

Project management plays a key role in the success of a project. 

What good is a project if it isn’t completed on time, ends up costing more than the forecasting, or loses its vision midway? 

Project management ensures that such a thing does not happen by managing the project from concept to execution. It involves various tools, skills, knowledge, and techniques to ensure the successful execution of the project. 

Educational Leadership in UAE: Benefits, Career Growth & Courses

The learning models and the demand for skill development are changing with time, especially since online learning has become common.

The generation-old learning methods and curricula are no longer relevant in today's fast-paced work environment. Things are going digital and it is important to develop a deeper understanding of online learning methods.

We must continuously develop and adapt to new learning methods to improve the quality of education in the region. The sooner we adapt, the better-quality education we may be able to provide.

What Makes A Successful Online Learner?

Point of view.

After watching the beautiful dancing fountain at Dubai mall last night and stopping by The Walk at JBR you went to bed late. You woke up 30 minutes late for your class and don’t have the time to grab some French Toast or Maneesh – or even a cup of black coffee.

You quickly take a shower, change your clothes, and log in to the student portal. You are ready to take your online class.

That’s it. No dressing up, booking a Careem, worrying about Dubai’s crazy traffic, packing lunch, or anything. 

The Rise of Online Learning in the Post-Pandemic World

It is fair to say that we are finally in the post-pandemic era. 

The last two years have been tough on everyone and the effects of the global pandemic will stay with us for decades to come.

Thousands of lives were lost and millions of families were affected. 

While COVID-19 was a nightmare for everyone, some outcomes have helped improve our lives in the post-pandemic world. One of such things is online learning.

Total Quality Management: Fundamentals, Courses to Study & Careers

Total Quality Management is one of the most growing and sought-after fields now that competition is increasing and customer loyalty is dependent on the quality of products and services. 

In order for businesses to continue making money and staying ahead of the competition, delivering unmatched quality of products and services is the way to go. 
TQM is not a choice for organizations but is deeply integrated into their systems and processes.

Human Resource Management in 2022 - An Ultimate Guide

Human resource management can make or break an organization. It is responsible for everything related to an organization’s greatest asset – its people!

From recruiting employees to ensuring a good work culture, the HR department takes care of everything that happens, from finding suitable candidates, onboarding employees, providing training and development, enabling career growth, and finally, offboarding.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg.