What makes a good online learner

Point of view.

After watching the beautiful dancing fountain at Dubai mall last night and stopping by The Walk at JBR you went to bed late. You woke up 30 minutes late for your class and don’t have the time to grab some French Toast or Maneesh – or even a cup of black coffee.

You quickly take a shower, change your clothes, and log in to the student portal. You are ready to take your online class.

That’s it. No dressing up, booking a Careem, worrying about Dubai’s crazy traffic, packing lunch, or anything. 

Online learning is super convenient but making the most of it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Online learning is more than just learning from the comfort of your home, logging into Zoom, and attending classes. The responsibility of the learning part is on you – and that requires some skills.

Let’s talk about those skills.

Essential Skills Needed for Online Learning

Here are some you need to polish to make the most of online learning:

  • Time Management Skills

Time management is important for online learning. Unlike classroom learning, online learning gives you the comfort of learning from anywhere and anytime. 

These sessions may not have a fixed time, especially for lectures that are recorded. If you are unable to manage your time well, chances are that you procrastinate. You need to set your routine and prioritize your learning just like you would for a traditional class.

Just because you have till midnight to submit the assignment, don’t wait till the end minute to work on it. 

  • Persistence & Commitment

Unlike traditional classroom settings, the teachers are not on your head all the time to ensure that you are studying. Nobody will tell you to keep your phone away and focus on the lecture.

In most cases, you can just get added to the class and sleep. Your persistence and commitment to learning are mandatory for you to benefit from online learning.

You should commit to your degree and learning program. It may not be as interactive as a traditional classroom setting. However, you need to make efforts to participate, ask questions, engage with fellow classmates, and take the tasks seriously.

  • Grip on Technology

Online learning is all about utilizing technology for learning. You need to up your technical skills to make the most of online learning.

Some days your portal might crash and some days you will have trouble logging in to your account. You should have an understanding of how to handle these issues so that you don’t miss your lectures. 

You should have a strong grip on Microsoft Office for starters. Get comfortable with your laptop, download apps for taking notes, and more. Learn how to use the learning management system of your college so that you can access and download study material easily.

  • Online Communication Skills

You need to know and learn how to communicate with your professors and classmates. You should be able to ask questions and seek help whenever needed. Interactive learning will allow you to learn better.

Make sure you are well-versed in the communication tools used by your educational institute. You may feel shy or awkward in sending a message to your professor because this was never the case in traditional learning. 

But don’t worry. Online learning demands messaging and e-mails. No need to think twice before reaching out for help. Also, make sure you aren’t using Internet verbiage when communicating in an educational setting. It may be online but it is still a learning environment and you must give it the same respect and integrity. 

Make the Most of Online Learning

Here are some tips from us to help you learn effectively when taking online degrees.

Make sure that you create a good study environment. Dedicate a place in your house where you could sit and attend the lectures. Don’t lie down on your bed, cozied up in your favorite pajamas, and attend your classes. 

Pick a corner of the house that isn’t noisy. You don’t want your younger siblings fighting over chocolates when you are learning about the gig economy of the UAE. Create a stress-free learning environment for yourself.

If you are using your laptop to attend lectures, keep your phone out of your reach. Smartphones are a major distraction. Once you start scrolling on Instagram, you go into a whole different vibe. Oh, and definitely don’t play video games during your classes.

It is important that you don’t get carried away with the comfort and convenience that comes with online learning. You need to treat it with the same discipline and punctuality that you would have had you registered for an on-campus degree.

Start Your Online Learning Journey with HBMSU

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Good luck with your online learning. You will do great!