By Dr. Mansoor Al Awar

Chancellor Dr. Mansoor Al Awar talks of the importance of collaboration between academia and industry as a catalyst for innovation in the next generation.

This speech was held as part of Ignite Summit 2019, organized by Signify (formerly Philips Lighting)

2 years ago

Due to huge advances in technology, global education had been moving steadily online for years. Then Covid-19 swept across the world in early 2020 and accelerated the whole process. The UAE’s educational institutes were quick to close campuses as a precautionary measure against the pandemic.

By Jane Bird
3 years ago
In a recent article, Financial Times showcases how a college in London is making online learning experience a mixed reality. Does this improve the experience or disrupt the learning process? You decide.
By Sarmistha Acharya
7 years ago

Samsung is planning to develop a robot for use in education and industry, for which the company has already allocated a part of the workforce within its telecommunications division. The move is said to be an attempt to generate revenue from a new source.

By Katie Dupree
7 years ago

Barbara lives in Uganda. She is a university student who doesn’t have access to Internet.That is, until the biggest tech hub in Uganda opens. After its opening, Barbara is able to connect not only to the World Wide Web, but to her peers.

By Annika Burgess
7 years ago

The ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) with its data collection potential and promising business forecast – McKinsey Global Institute reports that the IoT business will deliver $6.2 trillion of revenue by 2025 – is generating a next big things hype.