H(in)3 – Business Incubation Centre Overview


The University has launched its very own Business Incubation Centre - stemming from the growing need for business ideation and acceleration within the community, as evidenced by launch of successful businesses by the participants of the Innovation and Change Management program offered by the University. The launch of this center supplements the region’s push towards becoming the world’s most innovative society by 2021.

The Centre was launched in 2014, with endorsements from renowned international institutions such as University of Stanford and University of California, Berkeley. 

The H (in)3 Business Incubation Centre supports existing family businesses  in their jump to the next generation. The Business Incubation Centre at HBMSU is focused on building young entrepreneurs’ and family businesses’ capacity to innovate, develop, and grow in a life-long learning, learner-centric spirit.  One of its main values is to help young entrepreneurs and family businesses harness the potential of digital communication and social media, so as to (re)-design their business models, strategies, and processes, and accelerate their product development.


To expand or diversify their activities, family businesses usually proceed by trial and errors. H (in)3 proposes other expansion and diversification options, based on augmenting, modifying, and redefining existing strategies and business models with a smart and rational technology integration.

H (in)3 offers young entrepreneurs and family businesses opportunities to leverage the expertise and resources of a Smart University, so as to harness the potential of digital communication and social media and (re)-design their business model, strategies, and processes.

Selected businesses will benefit from the Centre’s Mentorship program and open space technology resources.

Submission Process

To submit a project for selection by the HBMSU Business Incubation Centre, young entrepreneurs will need to be prepared with their business plans, improvement plans, next steps and objectives, including current staff members, and future objectives of the project. For more information, get in touch with the University Advancement Division at marketing ~3#$A~ hbmsu &D06s& ac &D06s& ae