Dr. Mansoor
  • As part of its efforts to advance the digital transformation of Arab universities
  • Mansoor Al Awar:  We will continue unifying our efforts to promote the digital transformation of Arab universities, as well as empower the academic, research, social, and business sectors to keep pace with the rapid technological developments happening across the globe 
  • Partnership is a significant step towards deepening the brotherly relations and historical ties between UAE and Egypt and expand cooperation in knowledge and education

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with SMART Company for Modern Educational Services, which is owned and managed by Egypt’s International Digital University (IDU). The partnership was made official following the visit of a group of IDU delegates to HBMSU to explore prospects of cooperation in developing and enhancing academic, training, and joint research programs. 

H.E Dr. Mansoor Al Awar, Chancellor of HBMSU, along with several HBMSU officials, received the IDU delegation led by Prof. Dr. Hossam Badrawi, Co-Owner of Smart Modern Educational Services, and Dr. Reham Mohsen, CEO of Smart Education and Executive manager of the International Digital University. 

During the meeting, officials from both institutions reviewed and formally approved the scope of the partnership as stated within the MoU. This partnership represents the first of HBMSU's partnerships with private sector institutions outside the UAE. The MoU’s terms cover areas related to joint academic and research work and professional development programs on the latest concepts in education and the best methodologies for skills development, training, and scientific research. Both parties also agreed on further cooperation in implementing the program ‘Professional Diploma - Excellence in Customer Service – 7 Stars Criteria’ in Egypt. This will be the first of its kind program to develop the capabilities of employees within governments to enhance their skills in customer service.

H.E Dr. Mansoor Al Awar expressed his appreciation to the academic cooperation formed with IDU, which bears testament to the trust and confidence of various educational institutions to HBMSU’s role in advancing the digital transformation of Arab universities and in laying the foundations of smart learning in the region. He added that is the partnership affirms the university’s significant achievements in the field of human resources training and qualification of a generation capable of advancing sustainable development. 

Dr. Al Awar further noted the partnership’s role in deepening the strong brotherly relations and historical ties between the UAE and Egypt and in expanding cooperation in the field of knowledge and education, while opening more channels for exchange of experiences in vocational and institutional training.

Al Awar added: “Our university has set its strategic goals for the next three years, and one of its main objectives is to promote the digital transformation of Arab universities. Therefore, we will continue to share our pioneering experiences to reshape the future of education and establish an integrated educational system that adopts the latest digital transformation to meet current needs. We continue to strengthen the adoption of hybrid and flexible education systems, knowledge innovation, and forecasting trends as the core foundation of spreading an educational, intellectual, and cultural system that can adapt to emerging needs and lead the path towards transformation to a more integrated and comprehensive educational environment. We are confident that concerted efforts within the academe and strengthening partnerships with skills-based and vocational training institutions will bring the desired positive change in knowledge and education at the regional and global level. It will further provide the Arab youth with tools that guarantee their academic and professional success in today’s era of technological developments based on digital transformation and artificial intelligence.”

Prof. Hossam Badrawi said: "The Memorandum of Understanding helps achieve the vision of the International Digital University and SMART Company for Modern Educational Services to renew and update our education methods. By employing the most advanced teaching strategies and methodologies and highly experienced and internationally trained academics, we hope to keep pace with modern educational developments.” 

"The cooperation between HBMSU and IDU aims to advance higher education and provide the opportunity for learners around the world to study advanced modern sciences and arts using the latest technologies and with experts in various fields," he added.

The International Digital University follows an approach based on providing educational programs that meet the highest international quality standards for local and international students at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. IDU adopts blended learning as the primary method of study, the bulk part of educational activities is provided digitally and minimal face-to-face attendance.

The partnership with IDU is the latest addition to HBMSU’s array of strategic partnerships as it continues to expand its cooperation in the Arab region. These partnerships include leading educational institutions, international organizations, and major global technology organizations which aim to extend linkages for educational and knowledge cooperation; enhance intellectual and cultural human communication; and boost economic and social development based on forward-thinking education.