HBMeU offers new master's degree programs in hospital management and environmental management

Hamdan Bin Mohammed e-University (HBMeU), a leading educational institution in the field of e-Learning and quality management in the Arab World, has announced that it is now offering two new master's degree programs – Master of Science in Hospital Management and Master of Science: Excellence in Environmental Management – for UAE national and expatriate learners. HBMeU further revealed that it is offering visas for international learners interested in pursuing any of the academic programs being offered by the university. The Master of Science in Hospital Management program targets healthcare administrators, leaders and decision makers dealing with health, senior healthcare executives, and healthcare providers interested in acquiring knowledge, enhancing their skills, and achieving excellence in healthcare services management. The program consists of a total of 36 credit hours with courses covering a wide array of topics including hospital management, healthcare information systems and statistics, health care quality, health economics and financial management. Learners who complete the program can occupy key positions in hospitals, specialized healthcare centers, and other healthcare organizations. The Master of Science: Excellence in Environmental Management program focuses on the necessary skills, knowledge and competencies needed to perform environmental risk management to improve environmental services. The program consists of a total of 36 credit hours with courses covering a wide array of environmental management related topics including environmental analysis, environmental management systems, environmental risk assessment, environmental economics, and environmental laws. On completion of the program, learners can occupy very significant positions in environment-related industries. Prof. Nabil Baydoun, Assistant Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, said: "Expertise in healthcare and environmental management are increasingly becoming very important in light of the growing concern about healthcare issues and environmental sustainability. HBMeU is therefore pleased to offer the Master of Science in Hospital Management and the Master of Science: Excellence in Environmental Management programs, which have been designed to help learners become more competent in addressing healthcare and environmental challenges based on the social context of the Arab society." A key feature of the new academic programs is that learners can continue working full-time while pursuing the degree. Moreover, HBMeU will be providing various opportunities for learners to interact with peers from all over the world, which will help further enhance their career opportunities. HBMeU has also revealed that it is adopting the blended learning model in the delivery of the two new academic programs, which will concentrate on research, field practice, community services and lifelong learning. HBMeU is the first e-learning institute in the Arab World that was established with the vision to develop a new learning process through the implementation of learning practices characterised by flexibility, quality and diversity to strengthen self-leadership among learners and prepare them socially and academically for a future career through integration in the job market. HBMeU's philosophy is based on vital methods that have been developed through extensive research and development by specialists from all over the world. These methods include offering high quality programs, supporting the pursuit of lifelong learning, promoting the freedom of information, reinforcing the culture of excellence and innovation and providing education for everyone in line with the highest standards of comprehensiveness and credibility. The university seeks to constantly identify knowledge needs, support research and development programs and create an outstanding environment for e-learning.