Dr. Mansoor

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) celebrated the remarkable achievements of its e-Education School's learners and their innovative projects, underscoring its dedication to nurturing the next generation of leaders poised to lead the country’s developmental journey.


This celebration demonstrates the University's commitment to advancing scientific research, embracing state-of-the-art technologies, including artificial intelligence, e-learning, data analytics, 3D modelling, and virtual reality. It further showcases HBMSU’s dedication to equip its learners with the requisite academic and professional tools to excel in various fields, both nationally and on the international stage.

H.E. Dr. Mansoor Alawar, HBMSU Chancellor said, “We at HBMSU embrace a forward-thinking perspective in the field of education. This stems from our dedication to strategically integrate state-of-the-art technologies and advanced digital solutions into various facets of education to enrich learning experiences. The University exemplifies remarkable leadership in this regard, drawing from a rich legacy of pioneering experiences in the region's e-learning and smart education landscape. This leadership is evident in the exceptional knowledge and skills exhibited by its learners. They adeptly translate these skills into educational projects and applications, which the University proudly showcases and presents to its audience.


His Excellency added: “These strategic initiatives will contribute to raising a new generation of educational pioneers and leaders among the nation's youth. Equipped with practical capabilities and skills, they will solidify the UAE's position as a global hub for setting the standard high in education and shaping its future trends.”

Prof. Hamdy Abdelaziz, Dean of School of e-Education at HBMSU, stated, “HBMSU believes in the power of technology and innovation to transform education. The projects showcased our commitment to pushing the boundaries of education and technology to empower our learners. These remarkable projects also demonstrate the University’s efforts to further advance various industries and contribute to the nation's progress.”

HBMSU showcased a variety of remarkable contributions made by its learners in the field of e-Education. The University lauded the ‘Gamification-based Testing – Gifted and Talented,’ an innovative project by Amal Alsaadi, a learner in the Master of Education in Gifted and Talented Education. The electronic version of the Letter Development Patterns Test, which is based on the Arabiya Intelligence and Achievement battery, is designed specifically for native Arabic speaking individuals. It further incorporates gamification theory to evaluate the processing speed of gifted learners.


Commenting on her project, Alsaadi said, “The idea of this project, originated during my master’s studies, revolves around the importance of assessing learners' abilities, as well as understanding their strengths and weaknesses using cutting-edge gamification techniques, with a particular focus on gifted students. One of the key recommendations of this project underscores the significance of implementing a Letter Development Patterns Test, based on gamification theory, to assess cognitive processing speed of both gifted and average students in UAE’s first-cycle schools.”

Another project titled ‘Designing Tomorrow for Little Designers,’ was designed by Eng. Soraya Elsayed, a learner in the Master of Arts in Online Curriculum and Instruction. This cutting-edge project is targeted at nurturing and enhancing problem-solving skills, stimulating creativity and innovation in digital design, as well as presenting an engaging platform to become proficient at Adobe applications.

Elsayed remarked, Digital art represents an innovative approach to bolstering learners' 21st-century skills as it employs various active and cooperative learning strategies within the classroom. The interactive features of these programs not only make learning more engaging and enjoyable but also encourage learners to innovate as young artists. This empowers them to design digital drawings across a spectrum of artistic and engineering topics, from drawing tourist attractions and museums to depicting nature and the Emirati flag. By doing so, it contributes to nurturing a sense of citizenship in the children.”

The ‘Fashion My Avatar: A Metaverse Immersive Designing Application,’ a pioneering online shopping platform created by Nupa Riad, a graduate in the Master of Sciences in Interactive Educational Technology, was also highlighted by HBMSU. This platform offers customers the ability to create their own bespoke 3D avatars, which allows them to virtually try on new apparels, experiment with different styles and designs, as well as find the ideal fit, providing them with a tailored and interactive purchasing experience.

Riad commented, “This project marks a distinctive fusion of design and innovation in the digital shopping landscape, elevating the user experience and fostering engagement with technical content. The application empowers users to fully customise their avatars, from body shape to specific preferences, providing a virtual shopping experience that transcends the ordinary. By immersing users in a virtual world, the application not only adds moments of joy and excitement to their lives but also significantly improves and simplifies their digital shopping journey. It transforms the process into an enjoyable and educational experience, enabling users to explore and try on fashion at the convenience of their homes.

These accomplishments underscore HBMSU’s pivotal role in empowering and raising a generation of highly skilled scientific professionals in curriculum development, teaching, and digital higher education. By highlighting these projects, HBMSU has reaffirmed its dedication to pushing the boundaries of scientific research by embracing state-of-the-art technologies. These advancements are aimed at honing learners' skills and giving them a competitive edge in diverse educational sectors and industries.