Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) recently organised a series of interactive activities to promote social responsibility and engagement among learners. As part of HBMSU’s commitment to social responsibility and community building, a visit was organised to the Khottar Al Dar nursing home in Sharjah, enabling learners to interact and exchange ideas with the elderly community. This visit provided learners with an opportunity to cultivate fundamental values of compassion and empathy, reinforcing the University’s goal of instilling these principles deeply within its learner community.

The initiative was followed by a top management meeting to discuss ways to enhance learning environments. The University’s top management meeting, serving as a pivotal platform for interaction and communication, witnessed the presence of 60 learners. Focused on connecting learners and the administration to address concerns and gather feedback for future growth, the meeting showcased HBMSU’s dedication to empowering youth and enhancing the relationship between learners and the University.

These activities affirm HBMSU’s commitment to enriching learners’ experiences by equipping them with comprehensive knowledge and practical skills, as well as instilling a deep sense of social responsibility. Furthermore, they foster communication channels and encourage cooperation among all members of the academic community. The University continues to improve higher education through a number of innovative strategies and policies that prepare learners to become as forward-thinking leaders in their respective fields, driving positive change and innovation.