Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) hosted the ‘InnoFest 2024’ event at its campus, to cultivate an innovative and entrepreneurial culture among its learners. With over 200 attendees, the event showcased the University's dedication to fostering knowledge creation through innovation, offering interactive activities and workshops to nurture creative thinking, explore innovative opportunities for personal and professional development, and network with other like-minded innovators and aspiring entrepreneurs. It also underscored the importance of embracing innovation as a catalyst for positive change and sustainable development.

Prof. Nabil Baydoun, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs at HBMSU, stated: “We are pleased to have organised the ‘InnoFest 2024,’ which is a dynamic initiative that brings together boundless possibilities and cutting-edge business concepts. By hosting this event, we sought to encourage innovation and creativity as well as cultivate a culture of collaboration and entrepreneurship among learners. Our goal was to provide them with a unique platform where they could present their creative concepts and transform them into successful business endeavours, promoting excellence and entrepreneurship. The event demonstrated the University’s unwavering dedication to offering learners a platform to grow their creative ideas and abilities.”

As part of the event’s agenda, numerous engaging activities were held, including a workshop titled ‘How to Transform Your Innovative Idea into a Profitable Business Venture,’ which was led by Mr. Saif Alnaqbi. Furthermore, the event also organised a pitching game, which focused on providing learners with a platform to pitch their innovative venture ideas in the presence of three jury members.

The pitches were assessed according to game criteria, which included presentation abilities, clarity, innovation, market potential, and feasibility. Winners of this pitching game were revealed during the event in categories, including ‘Best Overall Pitch’ and ‘Most Innovative Idea.’ In addition, the University's learners presented more than 18 innovative business ventures at the event, drawing public attention to their pioneering achievements.