Publishing House Overview

The HBMSU Publishing House is a global publishing company based in the U.A.E. Its main goal is to create and disseminate knowledge and support learner acquisition of internationally recognized publications in English, Arabic and other languages based on demand. It provides promising opportunities for learners and the faculty to publish their research output.

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The mission of HBMSU Publishing House is to become the preferred source of knowledge in Total Quality Management and related fields, and to support the quest for education and lifelong learning at all levels. The learning resources and services provided by HBMSU Publishing House are carefully selected and offered to meet the diverse needs of the individuals and institutions it seeks to serve, and fulfil HBMSU’s mission to be a university of choice in the Arab World for TQM and related knowledge requirements.

The HBMSU Publishing House is specialized in academic publishing and in business and quality management titles. Its products include specialized books which make contributions to scholarship in different disciplines and other titles written for extensive, educated but non-academic readers. To publish your content, fill the HBMSU Publishing House form.


The HBMSU Publishing House has launched e-Store to publish, distribute and sell books and case studies electronically all over the world.

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Publishing Procedures

The HBMSU Publishing House presents comprehensive services to authors, which comprise: careful evaluation of proposed material with constructive feedback where appropriate; quality book production; consultation on design, production and marketing and distribution issues; and post-publication follow-up, with copies of reviews and sales updates where appropriate.

General publication procedures of the HBMSU Publishing House:

  1. The Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University Publishing House titles will be available at major online retailers and at book stores worldwide. Library cataloging, barcodes, ISBN – will be prepared for Books.
  2. The authors retain full copy right, and control the content, appearance; the authors are consulted on marketing plan and retail prices.
  3. The authors assume any and all liability for content and hold Hamdan Bin Mohammed harmless from any liability arising from content provided by the author.
  4. If the authors so wish, Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University Publishing House can offer e-book editions for sale as well.
  5. The authors can receive free copies of their books and valuable marketing tools to help them spread the word (10 copies, e.g.).
  6. Authors earn a high royalty percentage on book sales.
  7. When authors buy copies for their own use, they’ll receive a minimum 50% discount off the retail price;
  8. The complete process – from receiving the manuscript files to having books ready for purchase by readers around the globe – can happen within 7 -10 weeks.
  9. The Publishing House assumes the responsibility of negotiating and selling translation rights or permission to reproduce parts of our publications worldwide.