Centre for Arabization and Program Integration

The Centre for Arabization and Program Integrity (CAPI) was created with the primary purpose of supporting the adaptation of internationally recognized books, programs and learning resources to Arabic with the preservation of content integrity and by ensuring that the intended learning objectives are still achievable.

This is in congruence with the objective of making knowledge available to everyone everywhere, especially to Arab learners and/or experts who are in constant search for the latest materials and tools to enhance their knowledge and skills. The translation support from CAPI extends to the research and Arabization of the latest books and studies that are of substantial scientific value for Arab learners, academics and practitioners.

CAPI's extensive research for translation correctness, supported by its pool of Arab specialists from various scientific fields, helps find the exact terminologies and further develops a glossary for each of these fields, which in turn guarantees the quality of the work. For the purpose of internal Quality Assurance of Arabization performance, an analytical grid has been adopted for translation correctness and translators' performance.


CAPI follows internationally-accepted accreditation standards related to translation. The standards are as follows:

  • Authenticity The translated text should read as an original text written in the target language. CAPI, therefore, selects native translators in the country of its target audience.

  • Linguistic Precision - The content of the translation needs to be linguistically accurate. CAPI, therefore, uses native speakers only with at least 10 years of translation experience.

  • Subject Area Knowledge - CAPI selects qualified translators with the required subject related background.

  • Methodology - All translations run through a three stage quality control process: translation, editing and proof-reading. Three independent linguists work on each project and ensure that no detail is left unattended.

  • Consistency - The translated project message has to evoke the same image in all languages. By managing the translated work as a whole and its interpreting needs, and through the use of modern translation memory tools, CAPI ensures that the content stays consistent.

  • Standards - CAPI's Arabization undertaking is backed by qualified professionals who master the selected language and work exclusively in their mother tongue. It results in high quality texts complying with CAPI's translation codes and the international translation standards.​

CAPI Services

CAPI offers a wide range of professional services including the following:

  • Arabization and Translation The Arabization and translation services relate to (a) academic programs and materials, (b) training programs, workshops and seminars, (c) internal by-laws of organizations, websites, magazines, newsletters, etc. and (d) general translation including all fields and specializations.

  • Editing - The editing services include linguistic and terminology editing based on methodical researches, performed by practitioners and reviewed by specialists in the relevant disciplines.

  • Copywriting - The copywriting services include press releases, newsletters, research releases, speeches, and media materials.

To get in touch with us, email us at CAPI [at] HBMSU.AC.AE