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Deadline for Application: January 31, 2023
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The Feigenbaum Leadership Excellence Award is dedicated to honor men and women in the Arab World for their exemplary leadership in driving their organizations to fulfill their role in business and society, for their uncompromising style to instigate a quality approach and culture to work, and for acting as role model to all.

The Feigenbaum Leadership Excellence Award is established in honor of Dr. Armand Val Feigenbaum, President and CEO of General Systems Company. Dr. Feigenbaum's considerable experience in the field of leadership and management has led to the design, installation and implementation of proprietary management operating systems to generate greatly improved results in many of the major manufacturing and services companies throughout the world.

The Feigenbaum Leadership Excellence Award comprises four leadership categories: 

  • Exceptional Leaders.      
  • Accomplished Leaders.      
  • Women Leaders.      
Feigenbaum Leadership Excellence Awards
Eligibility of Submission

The Feigenbaum Leadership Excellence Award is open to men and women throughout the Arab World from both the public and the private sectors.

Applicants can be associated from small, medium, or large organizations. Their nominations are based on merit rather than on seniority and on individual contributions rather than types of organizations.

Applicants must show mature and effective professional skills, leadership ability and vision.

Nominees for the Exceptional Leaders category must hold designations as President, Minister, Governor, or Chairman of Board of Directors of International organizations involved in the Arab World

Not more than three applications from the same organization can be submitted for a given year.

Submission and Selection Process
Applications must submit the information using the Award Nomination Form
A written statement outlining the individual's achievements, activities, and experiences.
Three recommendation letters from the current employer, direct manager, business partner, subordinates, or clients.
A maximum of three additional documents (achievement reports, product reports, programs, or corporate publications) to support the application in accordance with the evaluation criteria that would aid in the selection of the candidate for the award.
Since an international panel will be judging the applications for the award in terms of quality and leadership, applications must be submitted in English.

Award Winners


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