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These awards are given for proven excellence related to e-Learning in the Arab World.
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The HBMSU e-Learning Excellence Awards are established to recognize outstanding achievements in the field of e-learning made by both organizations and/or individuals in the Arab World. They celebrate innovations and excellence and showcase best practices and projects which have had significant contribution to the e-learning industry in the region.

The Best Research Paper for Smart Learning Implementation
The Best Research Paper tackling the Implementation of e-Learning in the Arab World Award has been established with the purpose of honoring the author(s) of a paper of exceptional merit dealing with a particular subject area related to e-learning implementation in the Arab World.

The Best Designed Smart Learning Course Award
The Best Designed e-Learning Course is established to recognize creativity and innovation in the design and development of online courses in the Arab World.

Outstanding Individual Achievement in Smart Learning Award
This award recognizes individuals for their leadership and contribution to the field of e-learning in the Arab world, either over a number of years or for achieving a significant positive change. Individuals must demonstrate that they have made significant contributions and back it up with testimonials and other supporting evidence. Both quantitative and qualitative evidence will be taken into account.

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Lifelong Learning Department, UA
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