Middle East Case Studies Centre

The establishment of the Middle-East Center for Case Research and Development is in line with the vision, mission and strategy of Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) to create and disseminate knowledge useful for academics and practitioners in the Arab World. The creation of knowledge through case research and teaching in the Middle-East and its dissemination throughout the world will go a long way in enhancing understanding of practical issues and of course facilitating effective decision making.

HBMSU's collaboration with the Case Centre (formerly European Case Clearing House, UK) is to ensure that the needs of the academic and professional communities for well-researched case studies are met effectively.

Subject Areas Covered

  • All Areas Related to Quality Management

  • Functional Areas of Business Administration (Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, IT, Operations Management)

  • Innovation and Change Management

  • Islamic Banking

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership

  • Policy and Strategy

  • All areas related to e-Learning (pedagogies, technologies and management)

  • Healthcare/ Hospital Management

  • E-Health

  • Environmental Health

  • Law

  • Education/ Educational Administration

  • Languages


Published Case Studies

Challenging Conventional Wisdom: A Comprehensive Framework for the Design and Development of Online Courses

Mona El-Ayoubi , Narimane Hadj-Hamou, Syed Anwar, Sanjai Kumar Parahoo and Moid Ul Hassan Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University

Challenging conventional wisdom, this case study incorporates academic, professional and local knowledge to explain a comprehensive framework for the design and development of online courses. The framework includes learning orientation and adaptation that ultimately affect the effectiveness of online courses. Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University has been selected as the setting of the case study because it has pioneered e-learning in the UAE, and is home to many innovations relating to the design and development of online courses.

Carving a Learner-centric Paradigm for e-Learning

Rana Tamim and Narimane Hadj-Hamou -  Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University

As competition intensifies in the higher education sector and the quest for providing higher education far and wide gets momentum in the UAE, decision makers increasingly will have to get learner-centric. Interestingly, changing market conditions and HBMSU’s model of delivering courses in the UAE and indeed elsewhere in the region are already creating an environment for carving an effective learner-centric paradigm for e-learning

Keywords: Learner-centricity; ICT; e-learning; VLE; learning resources; HBMSU

The Quest for Creating an Impact on Education in the Arab World

Narimane Hadj-Hamou and Alain Senteni

The positioning of HBMSU on the regional and international Higher Education scene is and has always been instrumental in developing its own capabilities and competencies, to move to a situation of autonomy and self-sufficiency in terms of development, delivery and management of the quality assurance aspects of its programs.

In a quest for fulfilling its mission and key objectives, the HBMSU always believed and relied on mutually-beneficial partnerships and collaborations with individuals, institutions and international bodies around the world. At individual level, HBMSU develops and maintains a large network of subject matter experts and faculty from over fourty five countries. The institution is also supported at a higher level by senior academics, Presidents and Chancellors of other universities involved in its international advisory board or in the advisory boards of the three HBMSU schools.