HBMSU has developed a strong reputation in key areas that are important to the social and economic development of the society and the community the university serves. Now the university is recognized nationally and internationally as one of the main pillars of Quality Management Education and Smart learning.

HBMSU places great emphasis on the quality of its products and services; research is no exception. The University research products must, therefore, be of high quality and address one of the focus research areas where impact will be made. The research priority areas include:

Total Quality Management and Organizational Excellence

HBMSU has come to be known as the ‘House of Quality’. Based on its rich expertise and experience, it will continue to generate new knowledge by pursuing all the research areas related to TQM. HBMSU researchers would be innovative in combining quality and management tools aimed at improving organizational effectiveness in an innovative environment. The following specific areas may be identified.

  • The impact of technology and AI on quality of work and productivity in organizations
  • Change and Innovation Management
  • Organizations of the future
  • Future models of Excellence and quality measurements
  • Paradigm Shifts in Excellence Programs
  • Block chain and Quality Management

Islamic Banking and Finance

  • Block chain Technology; Fintech and Islamic Banking and Finance
  • Islamic Banking and Finance Instruments development
  • The future of Islamic banking
  • Islamic Economics, Corporate Governance and Accounting

Health and Environmental Management

  • Innovative Health Metrics and Big Data Analysis
  • Innovative applications in environmental management
  • Public Health Interventions and Innovations
  • Well buildings & smart living technologies
  • Innovative sustainable practices

Smart Learning

  • The future of technology in education
  • Collaborative learning
  • Digital Futures for Smart Educational Leaders
  • Next Generation Smart Pedagogical Models
  • Smart Digital Applications