HBMSU has established an educational system that is systematic and integrated which allow us to manage the relationships between our stakeholders in order to increase the benefits and support we offer, in particular to our alumni.

The HBMSU Ambassadors club intends to advance the links between HBMSU and the alumni and to foster a culture of mutual benefits through alumni involvement and contribution to the development of HBMSU. All learners, who completed any program at Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University, shall be considered as a member of the HBMSU Ambassador Club.

HBMSU Ambassadors’ Club will foster a culture of mutual benefits through HBMSU graduate involvement, donations, and contribution to the development of the University.

Career Advising And Placement Services


The primary aim of the Career Advising and Placement Services is to build bridges connecting learners, alumni, and fresh graduates with employers and career opportunities by providing them with a range of services through career planning, personal counseling and career advising services, career opportunities and placement services. 

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