Cloud Campus

The University’s vision supports lifelong learning and reinforces the culture of excellence & innovation to provide world class learning opportunities for everyone.

In line with its vision and its commitment to support the Dubai Smart City project, the University launched an online learning platform, Cloud Campus, an innovative solution for the 21st century learner.

Targeting casual learners, Cloud Campus is a convenient learning environment that is utterly engaging and interactive. Cloud Campus disseminates knowledge through 60-90 second videos using the micro-learning method for maximum knowledge retention.

This groundbreaking yet affordable online learning platform combines the power of social media, such as YouTube, Facebook and others, coupled with a vast virtual library of interactive resources. With over 5,000 courses covering professional business skills, digital tools and applications supported by a global community of experts & learners, Cloud Campus is an engagingly unique and affordable way to learn for everyone.

The business skills track offers 10 programs in Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Communication, Talent Development, Operation Management, Marketing, HR Development, Islamic Banking and many more. After completing the training for each track, learners can obtain a certificate from HBMSU.

More importantly, Cloud Campus learners can also rely on round-the-clock support from a team of experts and enjoy the benefits of being part of an online learning community made up of academics, fellow learners, private companies and government organizations.

By offering state of the art informal learning, HBMSU empowers millions of Arab nationals with the skills needed for today’s global job market.