Cloud Campus

HBMSU has a vision that advocates lifelong learning and reinforces a culture of excellence and innovation so that everyone enjoys world-class learning opportunities.

HBMSU’s Cloud Campus is an online learning site with multi-level online learning programs. Learners on the Cloud Campus can develop their knowledge and build and improve capabilities in line with future skills needed for successful professional lives.

Cloud Campus’s target audience is the casual learners who own their businesses, or those who are employees in private or public sectors, or those who aspire to grow in new professional areas. This online training platform has an interactive learning environment connecting learners and subject matter experts together. Learners can get the skills they need to entertain contemporary challenges at the workplace.

Cloud Campus has an interactive learning style. Its training programs address knowledge and skills with an interactive approach using self-paced learning. They also use a combination of self-learning and synchronous learning, which includes online training workshops. With such approaches, knowledge recipients would reach their maximum potentials.

Cloud Campus covers a variety of professional development programs, as well as free online courses with certificates.

Users of the Cloud Campus can get uninterrupted learning support from the experts who are responsible for the content as well as technical support from the helpdesk at the Cloud Campus.

By offering state of the art informal learning, HBMSU empowers millions of thousands of learners with the skills needed for today’s global job market.