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We are delighted that you are considering HBMSU for your education and building your future. We offer a wide range of recognized degree programs and professional development programs in business management, healthcare, environment and education with a focus on flexible learning. All degree programs are accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education.

General Education

General Education (GE) as a component of the undergraduate programs, affirms the commitment of Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) to its core philosophical tenets of being a learner-centric academic institution. The GE program engages learners in integrated learning activities of sufficient breadth and depth to prepare learners for further studies in their chosen disciplines and to equip them with the necessary skills of lifelong learning.

Undergraduate General Education Courses

In compliance with the requirements of the UAE Ministry of Education, the general education courses are an integral part of each of the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University's (HBMSU) undergraduate programs. In order to be considered eligible for graduation in an undergraduate program, a learner must complete at least 33 credit hours of a general education curriculum. This credit hour load is equivalent to 11 courses or approximately 25-27% of the total credit hours required for graduation in an undergraduate program. 

Sr.# Course Title Course code
02 Islamic Culture (Arabic) ISLM101
03 Islamic Culture (English) ISLM102
04 UAE Studies SOCL103
05 English I ENGL101
06 English II ENGL102
07 General Mathematics MATH101
08 Introduction to Statistics STAT101
09 Remedial Mathematics MATH001
10 Psychological Principles & Lifelong Learning Skills SOCL101
11 Physical Sciences NATL101
12 Introduction to IT COMP101
13 Arabic as Foreign Language ARAB102
14 Fundamentals of Innovation and Entrepreneurship INEN 301