The Library at Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University offers its learners, faculty and staff with easy access to a vast collection of specialized learning resources and high-quality research material, with the aim of supporting the overall learning and research experience at the University.

Vision: “To be a pioneering force and market leader in shaping the future landscape of online education by redefining the boundaries in terms of accessing knowledge and discovery. The smart library envisions an inclusive and dynamic digital space for learners and scholars which fosters lifelong learning regardless of location, collaborating seamlessly, find inspiration and engage with wealth of information and ideas. Through continuation innovation and meticulous collaboration, we aspire to be the leader in academic excellence in the digital edge”.

Mission: “The Smart library is devoted to empowering and nurturing the intellect of the academic community through cutting edge technology, innovative information services, managing and disseminating information in pursuit of providing excellence in education and research”.


Accessible via the Smart Campus, the Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University Library is the access point for all learning resources. The main objective of the HBMSU Library is to provide information services, resources and study spaces required to support the teaching, learning and research endeavors of the university community. The Library houses current scholarly information, regardless of format, which supports the research, administrative and educational needs of its patrons. The core collection includes electronic databases, Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University publications, web resources and various library services.

The Library is designed as a centre of information with the needs of patrons in mind - it provides various users with easy access to electronic books, journals, articles, databases, research tools and other public and non-public domain websites; irrespective of the geographical location and time of the day in addition to physical study spaces for individual or group learning, and serves as a sanctuary for learning.

The library staff also organizes frequent trainings and orientation sessions that helps patrons optimize their time when navigating the various databases and resources. The library's holdings are currently available in both English and Arabic languages. 

Library working hours:

Library professional staff are available during all hours of operation, from Monday to Thursday from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. and Friday 7:00 am – 11:00 am.

Contact : library ~3#$A~ hbmsu &D06s& ac &D06s& ae


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