The Doctor of Philosophy (Healthcare Management) at HBMSU Dubai covers a wide range of topics including Healthcare Administration, Organizational Culture, the Role of Global Organizations, Research Issues in Hospital Management, The Future-Oriented Green Healthcare Organizations, Epidemics Control Strategies among others.

The Ph.D. program also trains graduates to assume the highest level of professional responsibilities. It is an academic research degree emphasizing the in-depth expertise necessary for a research career and emphasizes the integration of theory and research in a focused substantive area. At the end of your time as a Ph.D. researcher at Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University, you will be expected to submit an extended thesis that demonstrates your ability to research and makes an original contribution to knowledge. 

HBMSU also offers graduate research assistantship for full-time Ph.D. scholars. Graduate Assistants are full-time doctoral scholars who participate in teaching or research activities in exchange for financial support at the University. Activities that are relevant to the Ph.D. program and contribute to HBMSU's teaching, research and creative activities will be incorporated into the program. 

Course topics include an extensive seminar in Healthcare Management, Organizational Culture in Healthcare Sector, Research Issues in Hospital Management and Corporate Social Responsibility.

It is the first Ph.D. program in the region that combines the best of both online learning and physical classes & seminars. Ph.D. scholars will be able to take the program in any part of the world, through interactive online sessions, without disrupting their schedule. For an overview of core units and electives you can study in this program, please see the study plan

This program is accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education’s Commission for Academic Accreditation.

The Ph.D. program at HBMSU can be taken as either a full or part-time program. Duration for a full-time Ph.D. program is 3 years (maximum 5 years) while for a part-time program, the duration is 4 years (maximum 6 years).

For in-career applicants based on full-time employment, we offer a part-time Ph.D. study plan. This study plan track has a flexible enrollment period based on 4 years minimum and 6 years maximum study.
Target audience
HBMSU's PhD program in Health Management targets those interested in addressing critical issues within the and environmental sectors. The Ph.D program is also best for graduates who wish to use their research skills to better understand the complex nature of healthcare and to make a difference within an organizational setting.
Program Goals
To generate a critical understanding of multiple paradigms in contemporary research;
To prepare learners to create knowledge in academic disciplines;
To prepare learners to become scholars in a chosen field of study;
To enable learners to analyze knowledge-creation issues under dynamic conditions of the environment;
To prepare learners to be proficient in applying knowledge and finding scientific solutions for socio-economic problems,
To support learners in developing professional skills so that they can effectively communicate their research findings and engage in active international debates in their fields of study.
Program Outcomes
To be able to create and apply knowledge within and across academic and professional domains;
To be able to construct and test relevant research questions or hypotheses in order to conduct problem-solving research;
To use research acumen to generate and test innovative ideas for conducting research anchored in the value system of the Arab World;
To apply quantitative and qualitative tools of inquiry and analysis in research;
To be able to construct and synthesize inter-disciplinary strands of knowledge;
To use software packages in a creative manner in research endeavors,
To create an impact on society through scientific research.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for Doctorate graduates include

  • Policy analysis in government sector
  • Chief executive officer (CEO)
  • Medical scientist
  • Medical director
  • Community health educator
  • Health specialist professors
  • Clinical manager
  • Chief nursing officer
  • Director of surgical services
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