If you want to lead your organization through the challenges ahead, the Master in Entrepreneurial Leadership at HBMSU Dubai is the program for you. This postgraduate program prepares its graduates with the skills and knowledge needed to operate as an entrepreneurial leader in the global economy. Graduates will be able to assess, explore, critique, and celebrate the phenomenon of entrepreneurial leadership and management in small to large public, private and social sector organizations. The focus will be on the role entrepreneurial leadership play over the life cycles of people.

The Master of Management in Entrepreneurial Leadership program is designed to develop the competencies of the new generation of leaders who wish to grow their businesses to new directions and meet consumer demand or strategic targets. Graduates of this accredited postgraduate program gain a mastery of leadership literature, develop new business insights and strategic problem-solving skills. For an overview of core units and electives you can study in this course, please see study plan.

Accreditation: This program is accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education’s Commission for Academic Accreditation.

General Admission Requirements: The applicant must hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited Higher Education Institution with a minimum AGPA of 3.00 on a 4.00 Scale or its equivalent. Applicants from non-management backgrounds will need to first enroll and complete the non-credit foundation course Management Appreciation Program (MAP).  For full admission requirements and transfer from other institutions, please see Postgraduate Admission Requirements.

Tuition Fees: AED 2000 per Credit Hour (36 Credit Hours)
For tuition fees and other academic program related fees, please see Tuition & Fees.

Target audience
The program is designed mainly for the ambitious individual aiming to initiate small business ventures, and for those who are at the initial stages of a start-up wishing to grow their business to a maturity stage. It is also highly beneficial for senior managers and leaders in large organizations involved with developing new products, services and new ideas into marketplace for consumer benefits.
Program Goals
Develop a new generation of entrepreneurs in the UAE
Contribute to the development of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region by encouraging entrepreneurship and innovation
Give learners the knowledge and skills that they need to plan and manage start-ups
Provide those working in existing businesses, government agencies, and other entities concepts relevant for corporate entrepreneurship
Program Outcomes
Exhibit technical, analytical and decision making capabilities to producing business plans for a new entrepreneurial venture operating in the MENA and broader region
Apply the concepts of entrepreneurial leadership to create an internal environment conducive to manage creativity and innovation resulting in new ideas, products and services
Apply effective financial techniques to start up, maintain and evaluate the performance of an entrepreneurial venture
Design effective marketing and strategies and integrated communications plans with the internal and external constituencies of an Entrepreneurial venture
Demonstrate problem-solving skills through the use of appropriate function-driven metrics, statistics, or other analytics to identify market opportunities and to develop business strategies for new entrepreneurial ventures
Demonstrate autonomy and responsibility through independent work as well as part of a team in a range of contexts to develop or grow an entrepreneurial venture
Demonstrate role in context by planning entrepreneurial projects that involve teams with a diverse membership
Demonstrate self-development through sensitively managing complex ethical issues in enterprise set up and growth leading to fair and valid decisions

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for Master graduates include

  • Venture Capitalists
  • Investment Banking Professionals
  • R&D Manager
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • IT Managers
  • Branding Executives & Managers
  • Product Development Professionals
  • Small and Medium Business Owners