Master of Science in Public Health

semester I
Course code Course Name Credit hours
PUBH601 Health Care Systems 3
PUBH602 Health Care Management 3
PUBH603 Principles of Biostatistics 3
PUBH604 Epidemiology and Global Health 3
semester II
Course code Course Name Credit hours
PUBH605 Environmental Health 3
PUBH606 Epidemiology of Infectious and non-Infectious Diseases 3
PUBH607 Foundation of Public Health Promotion and Behavioral Sciences 3
RESM610 Research Methods 3
semester III
Course code Course Name Credit hours
PUBH608 Introduction to Quality and International Accreditation in Health Care 3
PUBH609 Economics and Financial Management in Health Sciences 3
PUBH610 Data Management and Statistical Computing in Public Health 3
HLTH791 Dissertation (I) OR Elective 1 3
semester IV
Course code Course Name Credit hours
PUBH692 Public Health Seminar 3
PUBH695 Field Practicum in Public Health 3
HLTH792 Dissertation (II) or Elective (II) 3

Program Electives

Course code Course Name Credit hours
PUBH611 Health Information Systems 3
HOSP604 Health Determinants 3
HOSP605 Health Education and Promotion 3
HOSP608 Risk Management and Patient Safety 3
HOSP609 Customer Services and Healthcare Marketing 3
HOSP610 Principles of Healthcare Ethics 3
HOSP611 Facility Structure and Environmental Safety 3
ENVM610 Environmental Communications 3
HOSP612 Applied Safety and Pollution Protection 3
ENTR612 Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3