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The JCI®-HBMSU Healthcare Quality Management Program is jointly designed by Joint Commission International® (JCI) and Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU). 

This healthcare quality management certificate program highlights the critical role of quality in healthcare delivery and can help its graduates in leading quality and patient safety initiatives in healthcare organizations – such as hospitals, clinics, medical offices, hospices and treatment centers.  It brings a unique opportunity for healthcare practitioners to excel in quality management and patient safety. Unlike other healthcare quality programs, this program provides practical training to participants to develop confidence and ability to use quality tools and methods while ensuring superior user experience by offering flexible learning schedules and minimal disruption to your professional and personal commitments.

The Healthcare Quality Program covers four domains and a practical quality improvement project conducted in your healthcare organization: 

  1. Quality Management: Principles of healthcare quality and patient safety; leadership’s role in quality; change management; teamwork skills 
  2. Performance Improvement: Methods and tools of performance improvement; process analysis; the voice of the customer; selecting and sustaining solutions 
  3. Data Management: Performance measures; data collection and validation; targets and benchmarks; data analysis; graphs and charts
  4. JCI Accreditation: The role of accreditation in quality and patient safety; tracer methodology; quality program evaluation process 

Program Delivery

The delivery strategy uses a blended learning approach, including one week of face-to-face session and 15 weeks of online tutorial support via live online classes, and collaborative learning experience. This approach fosters interaction between quality experts and participants using the virtual classroom and allows you to develop competency in quality management without being required to commute to the classroom to participate.

Program Highlights

  • Designed by JCI®, the leading international accreditation entity for quality in the healthcare sector and HBMSU, the first accredited smart learning University in the Arab world 
  • Work directly with JCI® quality experts and HBMSU professors
  • Foster professional networks and communities of practice
  • Experience the rich HBMSU Smart campus environment to facilitate learning and skill development|
  • Adopt project-based problem-based learning  where participants will be required to identify a quality-related problem and solve it 
  • Employ a variety of methods – including live interactions with JCI® quality experts, online discussions, collaborative projects, and focused debates
  • Have access to an array of high-quality learning resources created by JCI® as well as digital resources from HBMSU 

    Entry Requirements

    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • At least two years of experience in the healthcare field
    • Able to attend the face-to-face session (20 to 24 September 2020) in Dubai at HBMSU premises and to participate in 15 weeks of online collaboration

    Program Certification

    All participants will receive a joint certificate of completion from JCI® and HBMSU acknowledging the development of core competencies required to meet the quality and patient safety needs of their organization and consistent with JCI®’s globally recognized standards and methodologies. This course provides participants with capabilities consistent with industry standards for healthcare quality professionals.

    Program Fees and Dates

    USD 10,000 | AED 36,900
    The fees cover registration, tuition, course material, certification, and face-to-face sessions. Accommodation during the face-to-face week is not included

    Early bird discount of 30% (last date for early bird registration: 31 July) and an installment plan for payment will be offered.

    Scholarships are available for this program. For more information, please call us on +971 4 424 1002 or email us at training ~3#$A~ hbmsu &D06s& ac &D06s& ae

    Program Dates: 6 September 2020 - 7 January 2021

    For a step-by-step registration process, click on apply now and follow these steps: Program Registration Process



    Target audience
    All healthcare professionals interested in learning the practical application of essential quality and patient safety skills that are aligned with JCI® Standards
    Other info
    Course Language
    Delivery mode
    Course Duration
    16 weeks
    Course objectives
    Design a quality management program aligned with JCI® standards and methodologies
    Drive organizational change to engage leaders and staff in quality and safety
    Utilize performance improvement methods and tools to improve a process
    Transform data into actionable insights through the use of data analytics
    Enable participants to plan and prepare for JCI® accreditation