The Management Appreciation Program (MAP) is a non-credit “foundation” course designed to equip learners with a non-business background with knowledge and skills required to undertake postgraduate studies in Management at the University. The course is approved by the Commission for Academic Accreditation of the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. This program provides learners with the knowledge and skills needed to appreciate and discuss the contribution that three core areas of Business makes to the management of a manufacturing, service or non-for profit organization:

  • Management: Fundamentals of Management, Marketing, Human Resources and Operations Management
  • Economics: Economics, Accounting and Finance
  • IT and Quantitative methods: Information Technology & Enterprise Systems and Quantitative Methods & Data Analytics

The Program introduces learners to the principles and current issues in each of the above areas, focusing on helping them to appreciate the contribution each one makes in managing different operations in a business, while developing an understanding of the range of subject areas they are likely to cover in depth in their postgraduate studies.  It is a fully online self-paced program. 

This course is mandatory for applicants with no management background, and wish to apply for any of the management-related master programs at HBMSU.

As a stand-alone course, the Management Appreciation Program (MAP) is also an intensive management and quality program designed to provide managers and executives with the practical tools and contemporary business strategies to effectively meet the complex demands of today’s business environment and to take their organization towards greater heights.

Assessment Strategy:

The MAP program will have two types of assessments:

  • Ongoing assessments (9 online quizzes)
  • Final Exam (Online test)
Target audience
Managers, executives and those in senior supervisory positions embarking on a management career or wishing to improve their managerial skills, as well as early career managers.
Other info
Course Language
Delivery mode
Course Duration
60 learning hours
Course objectives
Provide learners with basic and contemporary knowledge of Management, Human Resources, Marketing and Operations Management and the contribution they make in synergy in achieving organizational strategic objectives.
Provide learners with an understanding of the fundamentals of economics, accounting and finance and its impact on businesses.
Provide learners with an appreciation of the critical role information management play in business decision-making, and the pervasive role of Information Technology in businesses.
Provide learners with an understanding of quantitative methods to assist managerial decision making.