The accelerators of institutional excellence within the government excellence system are considered the beginning of a new era in the area of government work under innovation-based excellence. The system aims to improve government agenda, based on innovative criteria, which requires to unify efforts and ensure collaborative teamwork. This gives an added value to the implementing institutions.

The fourth generation has a number of characteristics that make it unique. It observes differences and special features in the nature of work of the various entities and focuses on the tasks assigned thereto, as well as its role in achieving the national agenda. Furthermore, it motivates institutions to achieve outcomes based on shaping the future and keeping abreast of developments.  The accelerators of institutional excellence within the government excellence system aim to improve government work based on the innovative criteria, as well as the realized outcomes in government services excellence, within three main areas: Achievement of Vision, Innovation, and Enablers, which achieves the highest rates of people satisfaction and happiness.

Through the optimization of resources and continuous pursuit of learning and development, any government institution can ensure effective performance and achievement of goals in harmony with all government objectives.

Target audience
Those enrolled in the program must fulfill the following requirements:
• To be employed in the Customer Service Department
• To have at least 3 years of professional experience.
• To be able to keep self-development efforts continuous.
Other info
Course Language
Delivery mode
Course Duration
28 Training Days - 6 hours daily in addition to one day for presentation of the graduation project
Course objectives
الارتقاء بالعمل الحكومي على أسس ومعايير مبتكرة، ترتكز على النتائج المحققة كأساس للتميز في الخدمات الحكومية
تحقيق الرؤية، والابتكار، والممكنات، بما يحقق أعلى معدلات رضا وسعادة الناس
وتضمن أداء أي جهة حكومية أعمالها الرئيسة بفاعلية تحقق أهدافها بما ينسجم وأهداف الحكومة كافة