The Professional Diploma - Government Excellence System (GES) Consultant program is designed to develop and upskill UAE nationals so they can specialize in excellence and innovation. The program provides the knowledge necessary to level up skills and experiences so that participants will be able to assume an active role, adopt, and practice a culture of excellence that brings change sought-after inside and outside their organizations.

With this program, participants will be able to provide consultations and advice to organizations in subjects related to pillars and criteria of the Government Excellence System, thus contributing and supporting the UAE government sector, positioning the UAE as a leader on regional and international levels.

For more information about this program and its registration process, please email learn ~3#$A~ hbmsu &D06s& ac &D06s& ae or call us at 04-4241002

Target audience
• Learners and trainees in subjects related to GES pillars and criteria, willing to be consultants to the Government Excellence System.
• Learners and trainees in subjects related to GES pillars and criteria, willing to provide consultations relate to the applications of the Government Excellence System.
• Employees of private and government sectors working closely with quality and excellence.
• Anyone with an interest in organizational quality and excellence.
Other info
Course Language
Course Duration
32 training days, in addition to review of the capstone project.
Course objectives
Understand goals and dynamics of the Government Excellence System and their relevance to basics of excellence.
Understand requirements, criteria, and pillars of the GES.
Define and review results and outcomes of different criteria.
Explore possibilities on how to use the GES to enhance efficiency and effectiveness of government organizations.
Identify best practices in providing consultations on how to apply the GES.