The program, delivered in Arabic, is designed to cover the integrated aspects of the performance of pioneering highly productive and efficient institutions that give added value to clients and all concerned parties. The element of participants’ evaluation of the program increases its effectiveness and ensures that all participants have acquired the required competencies, as each participant will be required to submit a practical assignment at the end of each program unit to demonstrate his acquisition of the knowledge and skills and his ability to transform them into a tangible product that contributes to the development and excellence of government performance.

The professional certification consists of four training areas. To fulfill the requirements successfully, learners must complete all these basic areas and complete the requirements of the graduation project successfully.

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Target audience
Institution leaders and their deputies and assistants, leaders and members of work teams of institutional excellence, strategic planning, institutional innovation and creativity, risk and crisis management, services and operations department, assets and investments department, marketing and finance.
Other info
Course Language
Course Duration
21 days
Course objectives
التعريف بتصميم الخدمات الحكومية.
الإلمام بأهم المفاهيم المرتبطة بتصميم الخدمات الحكومية.
الإلمام بالمبادئ الأربعة لتصميم الخدمات الحكومية.
تطبيق نموذج الاتحاد الأوروبي لتصميم وإدارة مراكز الخدمة العامة.
تطبيق نموذج Ds Model 4 لتصميم الخدمات الحكومية.
تطبيق نموذج الخطوات الأربع لتصميم الخدمات الحكومية.
اكتساب المعارف والمهارات المتعلقة بالأدوات الثمانية لتصميم الخدمات الحكومية.
تصميم الخدمات الحكومية ونموذج الأعمال.