Since the formation of the UAE federation in the early 70’s of the twentieth century, the UAE has embraced education and knowledge while dedicating its efforts toward building human resources and developing its government institutions in both areas of knowledge and innovation.

Critical to this development of a better future is the development of mankind and empowering humans to acquire knowledge, as well as possessing the right innovation tools and developing the methods of institutional work in accordance with the criteria of innovation and creativity. It is within this context that Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University launched the Professional Certificate in preparing leaders of innovation, that meets the needs and requirements of innovation and leadership management in the region. 

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Target audience
This program was designed for employees of government entities at the level of Heads and managers who possess a university degree or its equivalent, in addition to at least 5 years of professional experience.
Other info
Course Language
Course Duration
5 Months
Course objectives
فهم أدوار القائد
فهم أنماط القيادة و أثر استخدام كل منها
نقل و توضيح رؤية المؤسسة و استراتيجيتها إلى الموظفين
تعزيز الولاء المؤسسي عند الموظفين
المساهمة في بناء ثقافة مؤسسية إيجابية داعمة للابتكار
استخدام أدوات التحفيز المختلفة بفعالية لتحفيز الموظفين نحو الابتكار
تقييم الأداء الذاتي كقائد
إعداد خطة للتطوير الذاتي