One of the reasons Total Quality Management (TQM) and excellence has become key to improving a company’s business capabilities is because it focuses on encouraging a continuous flow of incremental improvements from the bottom of the organization's hierarchy to ensure customer satisfaction. The Bachelor of Business and Quality Management provided by Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University, the pioneer for institutionalizing quality management principles in the region, can give you a broad and comprehensive perspective on business and all the models that affect organizations at the macro and micro levels. You can learn about quality control and how to implement new ideas to increase productivity in any organization.

The learner will gain specialist knowledge and skills to take up management positions in public, private and social sector organizations where quality management is recognized to play a key role in driving organizational strategy. For an overview of core units and electives you can study in this course, please see study plan.

Accreditation: This program is accredited by the UAE Ministry of Education’s Commission for Academic Accreditation.



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General Admission Requirements: The applicant must hold a secondary school certificate or its equivalent as provided by the Ministry of Education with a minimum overall average of 70% from either literary or scientific section. For full admission requirements and conditional admissions, please see Undergraduate Admission Requirements.

Tuition Fees: AED 1,200 per Credit Hour (123 Credit Hours)
For tuition fees and other academic program related fees, please see Tuition & Fees.

Target audience

High School graduates, young entrepreneurs, managers, inspectors and facilitators from the public, private and social sector organizations.

Program Goals

To enable learners to articulate, integrate and implement quality and best practice principles and utilize interpersonal, conceptual and technical skills in creative, socially responsible and ethical manner
To allow learners to develop an understanding of fundamentals of management, and the dynamics of inter-dependencies and value-oriented principles in a modern business context
To introduce and demonstrate process-oriented structures and systems and human relationships in managing modern organizational settings
To enable learners to critically examine the relevance and impact of management and quality concepts in different sectors of the economy

Program Outcomes

Apply modern business and quality management principles to solve problems and streamline organizational processes
Compare and contrast regional and International Business Excellence Frameworks
Demonstrate a thorough understanding of core functional areas of business
Apply knowledge of global best practice trends in business and quality management
Apply various quality tools and techniques to achieve continuous improvement in organizations
Demonstrate competence in oral, writing and presentation skills
Demonstrate ability to respond to challenges and opportunities of leading and working in diverse teams and cultural environments
Demonstrate autonomy and responsibility through independent work and taking responsibility for own future learning and professional development
Demonstrate professional attributes relevant to the role
Plan, develop, implement and evaluate business and quality management strategies in all sectors of the economy.

Career opportunities for Bachelor of Business and Quality Management

  • Government Agencies
  • Quality Managers
  • Quality Assurance Technician
  • Quality Control Inspectors
  • Services and Retail Management
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