Keeping in view the University’s mission of providing high quality programs using virtual learning environment, and supporting the pursuit of lifelong learning, the Bachelor of Science in Health Administration is designed to understanding of modern healthcare organizations and the workings of allied health facilitates and integrate a foundation of health care and applied management with the expertise that prepares the graduate for managerial positions in health care. The Bachelor of Science in Health Administration curriculum encourages innovative and self-governing thinking of learners and professionals.

Target audience
The program has been designed to attract qualified learners seeking employment in health care organization to run all aspects of health care operations as a health services manager or administrator, or oversee particular departments such as human resources, finance, or supply department.
Program Goals
To mentor learners in key concepts in health administration (management functions, accounting, and resources related to health).
To equip students with basic numerical skills as related to health care administration.
To provide knowledge of challenges of health care systems including quality and ethical problems in local and regional contexts.
Program Outcomes
Outline the basic healthcare management processes and functions, including: decision making, planning, organizing, leadership and supervision, staffing, and control techniques.
Describe explicitly the organization, structure and functions of the health care system (governmental, non-governmental and private) and health management systems in local and regional contexts.
Use available health information systems to perform basic managerial functions.
Discuss, interpret, and apply concepts of health care financing.
Apply essential numerical skills for calculating and interpreting basic statistical and epidemiological rates.
Address the importance of patient safety and quality improvement in healthcare services.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for Bachelor graduates include

  • Medical Office Specialist
  • Medical Administrators
  • Medical Secretary
  • Health Unit Coordinator
  • Manager of Patient Services
  • Health Services Administrator
  • Operations Manager – Hospitals
  • Health Systems Manager - Hospitals
  • Health Service Administrator (Facility Leader)