• HBMSU’s Smart Campus 2.0 platform is the next generation of the university’s flagship portal 

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) has launched Smart Campus 2.0, the next generation of the university's Smart Campus portal, which was originally launched in 2014. The new portal offers updated features for users, and leverages AI and data-driven strategies to improve the user experience and support HBMSU’s strategic directions for driving innovation. 

HBMSU’s Smart Campus 2.0 portal comes as a significant upgrade to its predecessor, comprising a set of new features, including an updated dashboard with a modern look and feel, based on widgets and more comprehensive data. The portal also comes with a revamped Smart Advising tool, that allows for improved and optimized navigation for courses with a modern interface. Other major updates include the latest generation of Sawti – HBMSU’s internal social feed, which now supports images, videos, attachments, and polls, along with better data accessibility and analytics among other features. 

Prof. Nabil Baydoun, Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, said: “Our Smart Campus portal, along with other smart learning solutions have significant implications for millions of students across the Arab region and beyond. These solutions are learner-centered and involve active restructuring to foster collaboration among students and deep understanding of the learning resources. Smart Campus is HBMSU's flagship portal, which assists students and faculty with all aspects of their learning and teaching processes. The latest generation of the university’s portal proves to be a significant improvement over the previous version, with advanced features that deliver an enhanced interface for users by taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence and information frameworks. The new portal also utilizes the latest technologies, offering a web interface and a mobile app for both Android and iOS.”

HBMSU has designed the Smart Campus 2.0 portal to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience for students and faculty, with its rich features, tools, and contents. The latest updates, which are based on advanced technologies and an improved interface, are set to positively impact the user experience and better organize academic data.