Dr. Mansoor

In line with its commitment to youth empowerment, Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) leaners actively participated in the election of a new Learner Council. This body is dedicated to bolstering the University's vision, mission, while actively pursuing aligned strategic goals.

The Learner Council, elected through a rigorous process on July 31, 2023, plays a pivotal role in shaping the University's future by actively contributing to decision-making and attending crucial meetings, ensuring that learners have a strong representation in the governance of their educational institution. It comprises Gaith Al Ghaithi, the President; Israa Al Kour, Vice President, Shaikha Al Falasi, the Secretary, along with Maryam Yousef, Mohamed Alansari, Sayeda Al Helali, Ahlam Alzarooni, and Wasnaa Al-Karawi, the elected representatives.

His Excellency Dr. Mansoor Al Awar, Chancellor of HBMSU, emphasized significant role played by the Learner Council in the University's ongoing efforts to empower youth, and provide them with a platform to actively contribute to enhancing the overall learning experience and elevating the quality of higher education. He also highlighted the Council’s ability to enhance harmony, foster understanding, and fortify channels of communication and effective collaboration between scholars, academic communities, and the business sector.

H.E. Al Awar reaffirmed the university's commitment to establishing a learning ecosystem that nurtures talent, aligning with the principles outlined in the Dubai Agenda, and We the UAE vision. H.E. expressed his confidence in the newly established council, believing in its capacity to support learners in various domains of leadership, research, and development, in line with the vision of wise leadership to advance the future of the UAE through the invaluable contributions of its talented youth.

Ghaith Al Ghaithi, the President of the Learner Council at HBMSU, stated that Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University's commitment to breaking down the barriers of traditional education has led it to the remarkable position it occupies today. He underscored that the establishment of this council reflects the University's dedication to engaging learners in decision-making and actively listening to their valuable suggestions and concerns.

The President of the council is tasked with enhancing communication among learners and serving as their representative. This involves conveying proposals and grievances to the appropriate departments, crafting an action plan, and compiling a progress report. Meanwhile, the Vice President plays a crucial role in organizing council events, overseeing meetings, drafting meeting agendas and minutes, and collaborating with the President on the development of progress reports and action plans.