Dr. Mansoor

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) recently opened an early admissions process for new learners who intend on pursuing bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in the summer and fall semesters of the academic year 2024-2025. By offering accredited high-quality education, which equips learners with future-focused skills in line with the smart education approach, HBMSU ensures flexibility and continuity in the educational journey. This exemplifies the University’s commitment to the goals of the ‘We the UAE 2031’ vision and its support for Dubai Economic Agenda (D33).

During the summer semester, the University will offer a wide range of General Education (GE) courses for learners in grades 11 and 12. The program permits learners to enroll in Arabic language, Islamic studies, and remedial mathematics classes. All admissions will be based on the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA) Standards, as well as HBMSU's admission policies and procedures.

Upon meeting the prerequisites of the respective courses, learners will receive certificates from the University as recognition of their successful completion. Additionally, the courses they have completed will be incorporated into their overall academic record upon enrollment in the University. 

H.E. Dr. Mansoor Al Awar, Chancellor of HBMSU, said, “Our focus on quality, excellence, and innovation has defined the University's path, as well as the growth of its learners and alumni. These pillars have allowed the University to acquire invaluable experiences in nurturing future generations of talented individuals. The early registration launch demonstrates HBMSU's commitment to providing accessible education for all, solidifying its position as a leading academic institution in the region known for its high-quality education.”

His Excellency added, “Our mission is to enhance learners' skills and empower national capabilities by delivering a holistic learning journey. We seek to play a critical role in accelerating the country's transition to a more competitive and sustainable development ecosystem. By doing so, HBMSU hopes to strengthen Dubai's position as a leading platform for dynamic individuals, paving the road for a prosperous and sustainable future.”

The University is actively laying the groundwork for a knowledge-based economy in the country by shaping skilled individuals with practical knowledge and scientific expertise. By supporting continuous learning and creating opportunities for learners to make the most of their academic time, HBMSU reinforces its strategic position as a leader in delivering comprehensive educational possibilities.