Dr. Mansoor

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) demonstrated its commitment to shaping the future of research and innovation in higher education and launching solutions for sustainable societies and a knowledge-based economy within the UAE, in line with the goals of the “We are the Emirates 2031.” The University published over 175 research papers in 2023, including more than 80 in the Scopus Index, a renowned bibliographic database, encompassing over 94 million scholarly records from diverse sources, including peer-reviewed journals, books, conference proceedings, and more.

Integrating research into the foundation of HBMSU demonstrates the University’s ambition to cultivate a culture of innovation and research. This dedication is underscored by the implementation of research performance indicators for all faculty members, highlighting the University's support for a thriving research environment in the UAE. Consequently, the remarkable 50% increase in HBMSU's Scopus Index publications in 2023, compared to the previous year, reflects its unwavering determination to continuously enhance academic quality.

With its innovative interdisciplinary integration, the School of Business and Quality Management took the lead at HBMSU with its research endeavours, followed by the Schools of Health and Environmental Studies, and e-Education. Their collaboration resulted in tangible effects across expanding educational programs and emerging business practices. The schools continue to focus their research on two main areas Quality Management and Smart Learning – with a steadfast resolve to advance applied research.

This dedication to mutual innovation further solidifies HBMSU's position as a leader in driving change through research and scholarship. According to the Scopus Index, the university's researchers have accumulated 88,641 citations to date, demonstrating its global influence. With more than 84,537 citations, the School of Health and Environmental Studies recorded the highest success rate among all the schools.

H.E. Dr. Mansoor Al Awar, Chancellor of HBMSU, commented: “At HBMSU, we believe that research has the power to change the future of education. With more than 80 publications in the Scopus Index in 2023 out of over 175 papers, we believe our work has made a significant impact on the global research community. This achievement underscores our dedication to advancing research endeavours and fostering worldwide prospects for faculty members and scholars to cultivate their research capabilities and expertise, while also enriching the global research community through the cultivation of an academic environment grounded in diversity and innovation.”

Prof. Ahmed Ankit, Dean of Research and Doctoral Studies at HBMSU, highlighted the notable growth rate in Scopus Index publications during 2023, stating: This strong growth in Scopus Index publications in 2023 represents a significant step forward for HBMSU, highlighting our collective efforts in expanding the frontiers of knowledge. This achievement will inspire us to work harder to promote innovation and research excellence for our learners, supported by the university's relentless efforts to foster interdisciplinary collaboration in applied research."

In keeping with its strategic direction, HBMSU actively supports efforts to advance research and innovation in the UAE. The university is also determined to continue diversifying its research endeavours and solidifying its reputation as a leader in higher education, both locally and internationally.