Dr. Fahad

Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) recently held an open day for the new academic year at the Hatta Community Centre of the Community Development Authority. This comes as part of its efforts to empower students in the Hatta region as well as better meet their academic diverse needs and requirements. The University additionally emphasised the various benefits and offerings it provides for the students from Hatta, such as exclusive tuition fees of 35 per cent.

 Dr. Fahad Al Saadi, Vice Chancellor Learners Development, highlighted that organising the open day in Hatta falls in line with the University's commitment to empowering learners and placing them at the core of its academic vision. He stated that the University considers them as the driving force to achieve the goals of various ambitious national developmental strategies and initiatives. Al Saadi further asserted that HBMSU places significant emphasis on identifying the diverse needs of students, improving communication, and familiarising them with the University’s various educational programs to ensure that the curriculum and the academic system is equipped to better meet their interests and requirements. He also added that the University offers requisite educational tools and resources to students in order to improve their academic and professional excellence, foster a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation, and help them succeed in various fields.

HBMSU intends to periodically organise the open day in Hatta, in order to contribute to the national sustainable development agendas aimed at the development of the region, which holds greater cultural significance.