Excellence and Innovation in Business Education

The School of Business and Quality Management provides learning opportunities to all individuals aspiring to specialize in business, quality management, and related areas. The approach adopted by the School consists of pioneering up-to-date programs relevant to the Middle East region. The School specializes in courses, programs, and certifications that identify and address the business challenges faced by workers, managers, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and the larger community in the Middle East region.With its distinctive competency in Total Quality Management (TQM) practices, the School encourages learners to apply TQM in their prospective field of expertise in order to improve their processes and offerings and succeed in their ventures. The School also has a rich portfolio of short courses and offers consulting assignments. Diverse short courses and certificate programs are accredited by professional bodies around the globe. Explore the full list of programs offered by the School of Business & Quality Management

School Mission

The mission of HBMSU School of Business is to create knowledge and provide transformational, learner-centered education that inspires learners to be innovators and leaders in their organizations and influence their communities.
At HBMSU, we capitalize on our expertise in Quality Management in relentless pursuit of excellence in all of our endeavors. 

School Vision

Our vision is to be a leading business school that delivers innovative solutions to our life-long learners and industry, through SMART learning approaches and relevant research.  Our graduates are conscientious global citizens who help in shaping the future and create jobs and opportunities in their societies.

School Objectives

To create a learning environment which encourages a spirit of critical inquiry and intellectual curiosity in relation to all disciplines offered by the School:

  • To build on and strengthen our distinctive competencies in total quality management and its wider application. 
  • To set the highest standards of Smart Learning and to be responsive to society’s needs 
  • To search for, communicate and apply knowledge in disciplines relevant to the needs of the Middle East. 
  • To build on the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship in all our graduates

School of Business & Quality Management Faculty

Dean of School of Business & Quality Management
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Acting Chair of Collaborative Research
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